Synergie Practitioner is skincare range developed to deliver the highest level of active ingredients for those who want the best in skincare. Synergies’ philosophy centres around the safe delivery of active ingredients with formulas made to optimise the amounts of effective ingredients facilitating change without irritation.

Synergie was founded and developed by Australian scientist Terri Vinson (BSc. ASCC). Terri is a biochemistry and immunology major, a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists and clinical educator at one of Melbourne’s leading skin care clinics.

She is passionate about developing pure products that produce flawless results and actually benefit the skin. She was disillusioned with the choices available to Australian women and set out on a mission to develop a quality, toxin-free range, offering the highest level of sun protection without compromising on the result – a flawless face.

Synergie Practitioner offers a range of medical grade skincare treatments including serums, a moisturiser, a cleanser and high zinc content sunscreen called Uberzinc. It contains 21% pure micronized zinc oxide in a luxurious moisturising cream that works to reflect the sun's harmful rays off the skin and provides protection against UVA and UVB damage.

Another of their products, Vanish+ is a revolutionary skin brightening serum containing cutting edge patented ingredients, designed to address skin discoloration and sun damage. Vanish+ is a potent complex of tyrosinase inhibitors and natural skin lighteners that reduces the activity that produces melanin. Synergie Practitioner offers the highest level of active ingredients such as stabilised Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.


“My goal is to protect, change and nurture the skin by utilising the
best that science and nature can offer.” 
Terri Vinson.