Aspect Dr Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser 50g

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Transform your complexion with the Aspect DR Ultra Light Clarifying Moisturiser. Crafted to address skin congestion, enlarged pores, and blemish-prone skin, this moisturiser nurtures a healthy skin microbiome.

The airless pump is designed to maximise ingredient integrity, prevent contamination/oxidation as well as ensure potent efficacy with every use.

Formulated with clinically proven active ingredients, this moisturiser harmonizes with your skin’s natural biology to regulate oil levels and combat visible signs of aging.

Key ingredients include LPA (Lysophosphatidic acid) for strengthened skin barrier and reduced pores, Polylysine and peptides for supporting a healthy skin microbiome and preventing dead skin buildup, Red clover flower extract for pore refinement, and Xylitol and Hyaluronic acid for immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Experience a multitude of benefits:
– Targeted relief for skin congestion, revealing a clearer complexion.
– Oil level regulation for a balanced, matte finish.
– Minimized appearance of enlarged pores, promoting smoother skin texture.
– Both immediate and long-lasting hydration for plump, radiant skin.
– Support for a healthy skin microbiome, promoting overall skin health.

Make our clarifying moisturiser your go-to skincare essential if you struggle with open pores, oily or combination skin, impaired skin barrier, sensitivity, or dehydration.

Rest assured, our formula is free from synthetic fragrance, animal products, SLS, and parabens, prioritizing your skin’s health and safety.