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  • Standard unstabilised retinol and retinaldehyde used in many Vitamin A preparations exhibit instability when exposed to heat and air, rendering the product less active within weeks of use.


  • Synergie has harnessed the potency of retinol in a new stabilised concentrate using the latest in retinol technology, Rovisome™, and combined it with the powerful antioxidant Lycopene. Highly stable and deeply penetrative, over 10,000 international units of pure stabilised retional are delivered per pump of Synergie Practitioner A+ serum (30ml).
Apply one pump PM (recommended with Priority B serum) to face and neck, prior to moisturising (do not combine with Pure C crystals or Exfol-X serum). For optimal penetration, combine with Rejuvaderm home needling device.
  • All skin types
  • Rosacea
  • Not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or lactating.


    Stabilised Retinol (Rovisome™) benefits:

    • Restores dermal thickness
    • Reduces visible sun damage
    • Promotes the formation of healthy blood vessels
    • Protects skin from UV damage
    • Restores the epidermal barrier
    • Regulates oil levels - aids in the management of acne
    • Reduces fine lines through collagen stimulation
    • Reduces skin hyperpigmentation


    Lycopene (tomato skin extract) benefits:

    • Helps to protect skin against environmental damage and ageing
    • A potent, topical antioxidant essential for skin health
    • Protective effects on fibroblasts cell lines exposed to UVA radiation
    • Reduction of the minimal erythemic dose causing sunburn