Synergie SuperSerum+

Epigenetically active age-defying serum.

A revolutionary anti-ageing serum packed with six epigenetically active peptides, marine extracts, and botanical actives.

This preventative skin solution contains an advanced active botanical that affects the way our genes produce collagen, and a cutting-edge neuropeptide that mimics the effects of muscle relaxants, softening fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful serum is further enhanced with potent peptides, working to reverse cellular ageing and repair the DNA, ensuring longevity and protection of the genome.

SuperSerum+ triggers the skin cells to produce its own:

  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Epidermal stem cells and epidermal growth factors
    With sustained daily use, Synergie Superserum has the ability to make structural changes in the skin and relax muscle contractions due to a unique formula of five newly developed ingredients.

    Juveleven™ determines repair or destruction of damaged skin cells, driving skin cell quality and longevity up. Phycosaccharide AI™ stimulates epidermal stem cells to ‘heal’ wrinkles and fine lines as if they are a skin injury. And Trylagen™ peptide complex, Hyanify™ and Snap-8™ peptide work to promote the collagen cycle, boost the skin’s own moisturising hyaluronic acid, and relax muscles.
    • More limited formation of lines
    • Minimised expression of wrinkles
    • Smoother, silkier skin surface
    • Plumper skin and firmer tone
    • Skin that stays younger for longer


    Apply morning and evening after cleansing, massage one pump into your face, neck and chest. ( If you have a Rejuvaderm home roller, now's the time to roll). Finish with your moisturiser.
  • All skin types 
  • Ageing
  • Synergie Superserum’s hero ingredient launched in 2013, making possible a uniquely effective anti-ageing serum that harnesses new peptides and microbial technology to prompt collagen replacement and combat the cumulative downgrading of skin quality.

    Synergie founder and biomedical scientist Terri Vinson has been working to produce such a potent formula for several years: ‘Not only does SuperSerum help repair damage and improve the appearance of the most common ageing characteristics, but it can also help prevent the ageing to come.’





    • A new bio-identical (lab-made) peptide that mimics human protein FOXO3a, a gatekeeping factor in DNA protection, and cell repair, renewal and longevity.
    • The presence of higher levels of FOXO3a increases cell longevity by repairing DNA damage and reverting ageing in fibroblasts (responsible for secreting collagen and elastin); essentially delivering a ‘youth code’ to help skin cells stay fitter and  ‘younger’ for longer.
    • This new peptide is also modelled on the molecule responsible for ‘immortality’ (a theoretically unlimited lifespan) in the marine animal Hydra
    • In vitro studies showed that a 55-year-old’s fibroblasts recover the characteristics of fibroblasts 10 years younger after 24 hours of treatment with Juveleven™.


    Phycosaccharide AI™

    • Derived from a species of brown seaweed, this powerful agent accelerates a healing mode that stimulates epidermal stem cells to reconstruct outer skin (from wrinkles and dry, rough skin), by harnessing innate growth factors rather than foreign growth factors which are less targeted.



    • This game-changing peptide acts on all stages of the collagen life cycle to simulate levels characteristic in youth (stimulates synthesis, reorganises fibres for more suppleness and inhibits breakdown). Skin becomes restructured, strengthened and smoother.
    • Trylagen® tests showing wrinkle depth can reduce by up to 29% in one month.



    • A sugar secretion from a bacteria that lives on the surface of a marine algae.
    • Increases the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin to maintain hydration and volume, but with declining availability with age.
    • Hyanify™ tests show increased hydration capacity of the skin by 66%.



    • A peptide that hooks onto nerve receptors within the skin that control facial muscles, to soften the biochemical signal responsible for muscle contractions.
    • This topical alternative to injections makes muscle contractions temporarily weaker.
    • Snap-8™ tests show reduced wrinkle depth of up to 63% over a month of treatment.